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Kalco EDGE

KALCO Aluminium Characteristics

• Made of wrought alloy 6063/T6

• High breaking strength (upto 225 Mpa)

• Unaffected even in high temperatures

• Corrosion resistant due to various surface treatments vis-à-vis anodizing, powder coating etc.

• Resistant to exhaust fumes and building industry chemicals

• Aging resistant

• Reasonably good thermal insulation with thermal break option.

• Good sound insulation

• High structural strength derived from special designing

• Adaptable to meet architectural requirement

• Can be formed in to aesthetically pleasing shapes

• Its qualities and appearance are stable even after years of external use

• Can be used in most varied climatic conditions

KALCO Design Features

• Kalco aluminium window and door systems are an ideal combination of good design and unique properties, unlike other window and door systems; it is designed to give you the following advantages:

• The sections are designed as per the international standards and regional requirements and are patented.

• Various series designed and developed by acclaimed consultants in the world.

• Use of corner cleats ensures symmetry, structural strength and smooth opening of windows.

• Weather sealing and weep holes provide optimal resistance to water penetration

• Incorporates high structural and weather strength

• Self drainage properties

• Fine finish because of in-house anodizing or powder coating, thus enables vast range of color options, preventing corrosion

• High quality imported Hardware and fittings, thus ensuring you don’t compromise on safety and security of the occupants.

• Various design options available vis-à-vis bay windows, arch shaped windows

• Fully equipped designing and drafting team backed by a strong technical team.

The Kalco Edge

Use of Virgin Alloy: Kalco aluminium systems are extruded in Wrought alloy 6063 with Temper T6, making it more durable for prolonged use year after year.

Optional Thermal Break System profiles:Kalco aluminium with Thermal Break (from Technoform Germany) doors and window systems provide marked thermal insulation, meaning their thermal conductivity is extremely low, this low thermal conductivity reduces the energy loss that takes place normally through doors and windows.

Sound insulation: it is based on the difference between outside noise and target indoor noise level, with the help of special sound insulation glazing, Kalco aluminium door and window systems can provide a reduction of up to 48 dB, hence highly suitable for hospitals, offices , hotels and other commercial and residential building as they cut unwanted noise.

Weather resistance: Kalco aluminium doors and window systems come with best in class high quality EPDM gaskets. They are also designed as per required structural load/wind load. They can easily withstand long exposure to extreme weather change under scorching sun storm, dryness and high tropical humidity as well as wind loads as high as 2.5 - 3 KPa

Fire resistance: Kalco aluminium doors and window systems are resistant to fire and do not produce any toxic fumes that may prove hazardous to life as in case of other products.

Impact resistance: Kalco aluminium doors and window profiles are uniquely designed and specially formulated to withstand high impact.

Water Resistance: Kalco aluminium doors, window and façade systems are extruded in high quality wrought alloy of specification 6063/ T6, and are provided with drainage channels that prevent water collection and seepage through doors and windows.

In-house glass cutting and insulation zone: this ensures the lead time from placement of order to delivery of windows is reduced to minimum.

Customer Satisfaction: Kalco believe in maintaining long lasting relationship. This means we don’t go into oblivion once the windows are installed at your place. We are just a phone call or a click away incase you need some special assistance anytime, anywhere.

Technical collaboration: Technical collaborations with International partners, thus ensuring a continuous influx of knowledge and latest technologies for the Indian market requirements.

Mr. Kit (Kalco Installation Team): Separate installation division, completely owned by the company. For more information visit

Efficient Logistics: Own logistics and transportation thus reducing dependence over outsourced transportation.

Swanky Showrooms: Two display centers, one in New Delhi, another one in Ghaziabad

State of the art fabrication unit: Equipped with latest German Machinery, ensuring superior quality custom made prefabricated windows.

Merits of KALCO Aluminium Systems over Others

SL.No. Description KALCO Aluminium Sysyems Others
1. Wrought Alloy 6063/T6 Yes No

Engineered sections / euro grove profiles

Yes No
3. High Amount of filter content No Yes
4. International Certification Yes No
5. Higher Energy Ratings Yes No
6. Higher Surface Gloss Yes No
7. Low emission of toxic gases Yes No
8. Low level of decomposition Yes No
9. EPDM gaskets for optimum sealing Yes No
10. Special design for Optimum acoustic / Thermal Insulation Yes No
11. Best Hardware compatibility Yes No
12. Compatibility with varied glass thickness Yes Yes
13. Experience 20 Years -
14. Expert customized solutions Yes No