Kalco Alu-system Aluminium is a metal. wrong upvc uPVC: Polyvinyl chloride, commonly abbreviated PVC, is the third-most widely produced plastic. "u" stand Unplasticized.
Kalco Alu-system Long life span of 25 yrs+. wrong upvc Less life span of about 15-20 yrs.
Kalco Alu-system Heavy duty & suitable for regular use. wrong upvc Not suitable for daily & regular use.
Kalco Alu-system Architects always prefer aluminium. wrong upvc Very low preference by Architects.
Kalco Alu-system Aluminium is not affected by ultra violet rays. wrong upvc [Data Not Available]
Kalco Alu-system Lots of colour options available. wrong upvc Limited colour options (about 10).
Kalco Alu-system Aluminium Doors & Windows repair men available across the country. wrong upvc [Data Not Available]
Kalco Alu-system Aluminium by its very nature is a stronger material. wrong upvc Secured by Design, BS 7950 and other standards.
Kalco Alu-system There is no health issue. wrong upvc There are some health issues (Research ongoing).
Kalco Alu-system Aluminium + Wood option available (Best choice for those who still love wood. Inside elegant wood finish; outside strong Kalco aluminium). wrong upvc Wood combination not available.
Kalco Alu-system For Sound Insulation – Use our Thermal Technology (Anyone attempting to tell the customer that aluminium windows are not thermally efficient is misleading the customer. Aluminium windows are available in A, B and C rated forms like uPVC.) wrong upvc It may have. [Data Not Available]
Kalco Alu-system Aluminium Doors and Windows can be Powder Coated again with a new color. wrong upvc In uPVC you have to replace the product completely (may be).
Kalco Alu-system Aluminium metal has very high resale value. wrong upvc uPVC has no resale value in India.
Kalco Alu-system 70% of total market is in Aluminium, more number of Happy Customers. wrong upvc Only 11% constitute the uPVC market.
Kalco Alu-system Easily available at all leading Aluminium shops. wrong upvc Available only at selected franchise outlet.
Kalco Alu-system Suitable for Doors and Windows of various choices with single/double glazing for private as well as public places. wrong upvc Suitable for Doors and Windows of various choices with single and double glazing. Limited suitability for public places where repeated opening and closing is required. Repeated opening and closing opens up the fusion welded joints.
Kalco Alu-system Cut sections along with all the required accessory gets transported to site. All fabrication can be done at site of installation. No need to transport fabricated windows thereby increasing cost of transportation and chances of damaging the window. wrong upvc Sections are fusion welded at factory. Fabrication is done in factory hence transportation of assembled window leading to increased chance of damage. During transportation part of weld might open up thereby weakening the entire assembly.
Kalco Alu-system Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion - 0.0000240/ 0C. Expansion gap is not required. No effect on Doors and Windows. wrong upvc Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion - 0.0000600/ 0C. Can weaken the welded joints if expansion gap is not provided, leading to difficulty in operation.
Kalco Alu-system Machine finished Aluminium sections look excellent and hence no painting or coating is required. However for aesthetic purpose different types of coatings are available. UV resistant PVDF coating last long and does not fade. wrong upvc India passes through tropic of Cancer experiencing high UV incidence due to proximity to equator. uPVC selectively absorb UV radiations in 300 to 320 nm band. Due to this, color degradation and loss of gloss takes place. It also becomes brittle, and chalk formation develops surface cracks. Supports growth of microbes due to high surface area.
Kalco Alu-system Aluminium Windows come with in-built gutter section which allows free drainage of water, making it waterproof. wrong upvc Special rain tracks needs to be accommodated for drainage of water.
Kalco Alu-system Al windows are made from aluminium alloy 6063 T6 having tensile strength 248 Mpa. Can be designed to withstand extreme wind pressures. Ideal for high rise buildings and french openings. No reinforcement is required. wrong upvc Tensile strength of uPVC is 51 Mpa there by requiring additional reinforcement (GI or MS) to strengthen it. The strengthening is done by steel which is prone to rusting. While fabricating, only the outer profiles get welded leaving inner reinforcements as individual members without making it a perfect frame.
Kalco Alu-system In Window or Door, large area (more than 80%) is covered by glass. Glass hence plays a major role in making the window or door sound and heat insulated. Windows with double glass creates sound and heat insulation barrier. Aluminium windows with thermal break section provides excellent barrier against heat and sound. Insulation against heat conserves energy. wrong upvc uPVC sections are poor conductor of heat. Large portion of door or window is covered with glass. Double glass can make it heat and sound insulated.
Kalco Alu-system Due to high tensile strength, only lower thickness sections are needed. Therefore it leaves more space for opening leading to more sunlight, free flow of air and better ventilation. wrong upvc Low tensile strength demands higher thickness of the sections thereby leaving lesser opening. Steel reinforcement is required to strengthen the section which rusts over the period of time.
Kalco Alu-system Easy to maintain. Repair and maintenance can be done at site without having to transport entire window to the factory. Hence low cost of maintenance. wrong upvc Difficult to maintain. Sections are fusion welded at factory; onsite welding not possible. Entire window needs to be removed and taken to the factory for repair and maintenance leaving the place open. Higher cost of repair and maintenance.
Kalco Alu-system Aluminium is 100 % recyclable and hence environmental friendly. wrong upvc uPVC is not recyclable and hence not environmental friendly. (India)

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