Kalco Spacia - The Bi-Fold Aluminium Door System


Kalco Bi-Fold Door system with modern specification well made design and top of the line quality. These doors are designed and developed to cover all wide openings both in residential and professional constructions. All panels can be stockpiled in one end of the opening occupying the less possible space. These are ideal for the construction of a transparent shell, which binds harmonically the internal and external spaces of a building. You have the choice of either cover your space by opening up the folding door system to reduce incoming insects/flies or pile up doors in one end to let everyone enjoy the spacious area without inconvenience.

Model: Spacia

Product Type

Bi-Fold / Foldable Door System

System characteristics

- The alignment rail has special positions for brushes that hinder solid particles from entering the system. There is also a profile that may accept a gasket for the minimum energy loss.

- Special rollers with a built-in hinges that slides on alignment drive and support rail.

- Special gaskets seal the frame vertically, while a special profile with slots for gasketing brushes is placed on the upper part for complete sealing.

- Special hinges for fixing the frame at the center (for large openings).

Technical Characteristics

- Sash width: 46mm

- Min frame width: 45.4 - 54.5mm

- Glass thickness: 18 - 36 mm

- Aluminium Alloy: AlMgSi 0.5

- Minimum Paint Thickness: 75 μm

System Properties




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