solutions for home owners

Solutions for Home Owners

Doors and windows are a key part of a home’s character and atmosphere – they provide great views, daylight, protection, ventilation and a sense of spaciousness. On other hand our homes are a reflection of our personality. At KALCO, we are committed to providing the best solutions for every home in India. We have range of products to improve your home's look and energy efficiency.

Products & Pricing

Kalco Alwia - Aluminium Wood Doors Windows  Kalco Clima - Thermal Door Windows Alwia & Clima are high-end products and the best for home owners. Provide Noise-less environment & save internal energy (room temperature). On other hand we have wide range of choices in products. Now choose from General Aluminium Door Window System to High-End Thermal Break - Energy Saving Products and Alu-Wood.
Our products and their excellent price-quality ratio allows us to offer the most appropriate solution for your dream home.

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